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Bike Tune-ups, Service & Repair

We love to work on bikes just as much as we love to ride them. When you bring in your bike, we will assess it and provide you with a free service quote.

Ride Ready


  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust shifting
  • Lubricate chain
  • Air tires
  • Safety check

Tune Up


  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust shifting
  • True wheels
  • Lubricate cables, pivot points and chain
  • Adjust hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings
  • *Does not include installation of tires, parts, accessories, hydraulic brake bleeds, electric assist firmware updates, suspension services or removal of seized parts.
  • *Parts not included.

Tune Up + Drive Train Clean


  • Tune Up included
  • Thorough cleaning of the frame and all the components lubrication of the chain and cassette. This will also include the labor charge for installation of any cables or housing if needed.  Your bike will look like new again!



  • Tune up included 
  • Remove all parts from the frame
  • Parts cleaned, serviced and replaced as needed
  • Install new cables and housing
  • *Labor includes cleaning, preparation and replacement of drivetrain parts, cables and housing

Individual Repairs

We do, of course, fix flat tires, true wheels, wrap handlebars, install fenders and racks, and hundreds of other individual adjustments depending on what you need done and what budget you're aiming for - please bring your bike in, so we can take a peek at it. We'll give you the best rundown on what needs to be done and an accurate estimate for service. 

Individual repairs start at $5.00 depending on the service required.