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"I feel that the crew at Wayne’s is as enthusiastic about riding as I am. It’s an environment where there is no such thing as a “stupid” question.  I feel that I can ask anything without being judged." - Derek M

Celebrating New Bike Day

Finding the right bike can be a challenge.  You need to find something that not only fits you but also fits the style of riding you want to do.  It's an indescribable feeling when you find the right bike.  A New Bike Day is as exciting for the buyer as much as it is for us.  Here are just a few of our happy customers!


Tom came in looking for something that would RAGBRAI capable, comfortable and able to go on gravel.  We were able to help him with a Trek Checkpoint!


Jon came in looking for an upgrade from his old road bike.  He liked how is old Domane rode and wanted something with newer tech and lighter weight.  We were able to help him with a Trek Domane SLR 7 etap!


Allison came in wanting something that could easily catch miles and be comfortable.  She wanted something that she could also eventually ride on RAGBRAI.  We were able to help her with a Trek FX3. 

"They are always there to lend a helping hand.  I am proud to reciprocate and direct my bicycle business to Wayne’s for what they do for the community and the excellent service they provide." - Mark D

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Community Highlight

Community Highlight is a series that focuses on people who are involved in the local biking community either as bikers or supporters of the community. Each month we will highlight a different individual and what they do to support the biking community.

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