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COVID-19 Update: We Are Open

For those that have been wondering if we are still open, WE ARE! Wayne’s is operating under normal business hours and cleaning as much as we can, distancing from customers and employees, offering curbside pick-up, shipping, and free pick-up and delivery services on repairs in an effort to reduce contact. We’re taking COVID-19 as serious as possible, but we believe it is important to offer service for alternative transportation methods and provide ways to exercise safely while keeping social distance. Thank you for understanding the changes we have made, and feel free to contact us with any questions. Wayne's Ski and Cycle

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(Excludes bikes and fitness equipment. Car racks $50)

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All are welcome on our Slow Roll Rides on Sunday as well as our Monday and Tuesday night rides. Join us and enjoy the ride!

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Our friendly, experienced team is here to help you with everything from bikes to skis to indoor fitness equipment.