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Fitness Equipment Service and Repair

Fitness Equipment Repair

We service everything that we sell, and make every effort possible to make sure your equipment is back up and running quickly.

Fitness repair service is also available for other brands, both residential and commercial.

Moving and Installation

We provide factory-new delivery to make sure our customer’s products are in perfect working order. This allows us to ensure there is no damage during transport as well as install the machine correctly.

Repair and Service

Our team will provide service and repair on the site of the equipment at the customer’s request. We have the experience and knowledge of the products we sell to quickly address and resolve issues.

Replacement and Spare Parts

We have access to all the correct products to make sure your machine is safe and reliable after servicing. We are able to order or provide parts for any of the machines we sell that the customer may need replaced.

Fitness Room Design

The design of your fitness area will be an imperative part of its use. We have designed and implemented many different workout services in personal and commercial settings, and have the knowledge to make your facility right for you.