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Bicycle Service and Repair

For bike repairs there are no appointments necessary.  If your bike is needing work bring it in and we will provide you with a no cost estimate.  We are capable of handling repairs from flat fixes all the way up to full on overhauls.  We treat each bike like it is our own and only suggest the repairs we would deem necessary on our own bikes.  We offer varying levels of tune packages that offer a tremendous value if your bike is needing more than just a few repairs.

Tune Packages

Level 1

Tune Package


Adjust Brakes

Adjust Shifting

Lubricate Chain

Air Tires

Safety Check

Level 2

Tune Package


Level 1 Included

+Clean Frame/Wheels

+Adjust Hubs, Headset and Bottom Bracket Bearings

+True Wheels

+Lube Pivot Points

Level 3

Tune Package


Level 1 and 2 Included

+Removal and Cleaning of Drive Train (Cassette, Chain, Crankset)

+Clean all Components

+Cable/Housing Labor Included

+Bar Tape Labor Included

Level 4

Tune Package


Level 1, 2 and 3 Included

+Complete Removal and Cleaning of all Parts

+Hydraulic Brake Bleed

+Parts Serviced as Necessary

Shop Clinics

Shop Clinic - Checking Your Bike

A shop clinic we hosted where we take you through our check in process.  This covers helpful tips on ways to spot issues.

Shop Clinic - Flat Tire Repair

A shop clinic we hosted where we take you through what tools you need to change a flat as well as how to replace a tube.  We also discussed tube verses tubeless set ups.